Purple Gift Ideas

The rainbow cycles through all the other colors to finally savor purple: the color of royalty. Purple gifts for birthdays, Valentines, or mothers day scream vivacity, confidence, and fun! Purple is the color of equality and empowerment. The purple-lover throws caution to the wind and has no scruples about being who they are, whether a girlfriend, wife, parent, or high-school graduate.

Purple Gift IdeasCreative and individualistic, the purple lover runs with the imagination. Being with a purple-lover is a never-ending journey into the unexpected. Idealistic and future-oriented, the purple-lover may dream of a future where the rough edges of the world are smoother. Bring a piece of your purple-lovers’ dreams to earth with a gift for Valentines, mothers day, or a birthday, that captures their beloved violet hue.

Purple Gift IdeasAlice Walker says, “I think it pisses God off if you walk by the color purple in a field somewhere and don’t notice it.” Though we’re not sure about what God’s druthers are, we do like to appreciate purple, and those who love it.

Purple gifts for Valentines mothers day, birthdays, or high-school graduation add unexpected variety to home or office decor. A purple gift gives the message that you appreciate the person’s uniqueness and value them as an individual.

All About Our Purple Gift Ideas

Purple is somewhat uncommon in nature, just like your special girlfriend, boyfriend, mom, or friend. This makes the purple-lover a bit of a rare bird. The color experts at Gift Chameleon have studied the unusual enigma of the purple lover and have brought back distinctive presents fit for royalty. We have created this page of purple gift ideas for women, purple gift ideas, for men, purple gift ideas for mom, purple gift ideas for boyfriend, and creative gift ideas generally to make it easy for you to pick something uniquely perfect for your purple-lover.

Purple Gift IdeasAdorn your purple gift with the perfect wrapping. Choose blue wrapping paper or tissue and tie it up with purple and green ribbons. Or go for a warmer side of the spectrum and wrap your purple gift with purple giftwrap and tie it up with orange and red ribbons.

Visit our page of purple gift ideas for women, girlfriends, mom, Valentines, and more, sure to please even the pickiest of purple lovers.

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